Garden and façade lighting

Garden and façade luminaires are light sources designed to illuminate objects like buildings, walls, trees, garden features, window recesses. They are used for both aesthetic and functional purposes, offering not only practical lighting, but also creating a unique visual effect.

Variety of light colors

The lighting offers a wide range of colors, allowing you to choose from cold to warm tones of light.

Universal application

It fits perfectly into any interior, adapting to different styles and arrangements.

Tested and healthy lighting

The products are subjected to laboratory tests, providing assurance of quality.

Elegant lighting


The ORO-FALENA-6W-1-DW wall lamp is an excellent auxiliary light for gardens or facades, consisting of a striking fixture and a square housing, providing a dual light source. Equipped with LED, it emits neutral light with a color temperature of 4000K, reaching a brightness of 220 lumens. The IP 54 rating allows for outdoor installation, ensuring durability and functionality.


Index: ORO10042

Elegant lighting


Wall lamp ORO-FALENA-8W-2-DW is a proposal for auxiliary lighting, ideal for gardens or on the facade. It consists of a striking mount and an oval housing. The integrated LED emits neutral light with a color temperature of 4000K, achieving a luminous flux of 650 lumens. Weather resistance (IP 65 rating) allows free outdoor installation. The wall lamp is characterized by a height of 16.5 cm.


Index: ORO10043

Elegant lighting


ORO-FALENA-9W-3-DW is an excellent supplementary lighting for facades, characterized by an unusual design. It lights up on four sides, presenting the form of half a sphere, each side equipped with an LED light source with a neutral color temperature of 4000K. Thanks to its weather resistance (IP 65 rating), the wall lamp allows free outdoor installation.


Index: ORO10044

Elegant lighting


The ORO-FALENA-7.2W-4-DW wall lamp is an ideal auxiliary light for the garden or facade. The model shines on both sides, and the built-in LED emits neutral light with a color temperature of 4000K and a luminous flux of 220 lumens.

With an IP 65 rating, the wall lamp is weatherproof, allowing it to be freely installed outdoors.


Index: ORO10045

Façade lamp


The ORO-NYX-1-E27 and ORO-NYX-2-E27 wall lamp are IP54-rated minimalist models dedicated to outdoor lighting. Their designs consist of rectangular housings with central or double-sided spaces for light sources. Both models are suitable for LED bulbs with an E27 cap with a maximum output of 10W.

It is worth noting that none of the models include a light source in the standard kit.


Index: ORO10051


Index: ORO10052

Façade lamp


The ORO-NYX-3-E27 façade luminaire is a modern IP54-rated solution ideal for façade lighting. Its design is based on a robust 250x260x110 mm housing, made of durable aluminum and glass. The light source is one E27 bulb with a maximum output of 10W, guaranteeing energy-efficient lighting.

The fixture comes in a sleek black color, giving it a modern and stylish look. Thanks to the use of high-quality materials, the ORO-NYX-3-E27 is weather-resistant, which makes it perfect for outdoor use while enhancing the aesthetics of the facade.


Index: ORO10053

Classic façade lamp


The WENA family of products are ideal luminaires that are perfect for decorating gardens, parks or gazebos. Thanks to their original design, they give the environment an elegant and classic character. There are three different lamp variants within this series, satisfying a variety of design needs.

The first solution is a ceiling-mounted lamp, which allows you to effectively illuminate the space from above, giving it a unique expression. The second option includes a ground-mounted lamp,

which works perfectly as a spotlight that also highlights the details of the surroundings. The third proposal is a wall-mounted lamp, available in two versions, which allows for a variety of arrangements and customization of lighting.

With these different lamp variants, the WENA product family provides a versatile solution for creating a harmonious and stylish atmosphere in outdoor spaces.


Index: ORO10032


Index: ORO10033


Index: ORO10058


Index: ORO10034


Index: ORO10027


Index: ORO10028


Index: ORO10029

Garden luminaire


NIDA garden luminaire is a functional and stylish solution that is perfect for illuminating gardens, parks, gazebos and elevations. Its elegant design in black stands out for its simplicity, while at the same time providing an effective decoration for the outdoor environment.

The NIDA luminaire is designed to be installed by driving it into the ground, allowing it to be precisely placed in the desired location. The GU10 light source adds versatility to the fixture, allowing the use of different types of bulbs, depending on the user’s preference.

This versatile garden luminaire not only performs the function of lighting, but also gives the environment a subtle and pleasant look. With it, you can effectively highlight key elements of the garden or architecture, while creating a pleasant atmosphere at dusk.


Index: ORO10056

Facade lighting


MALTA is a modern façade lamp designed to highlight architectural details outdoors. In a sleek gray color, it fits in with the aesthetics of minimalist design while offering functionality and modernity.

MALTA luminaire is distinguished by the ability to shine in two opposite directions, which allows you to direct the light according to your preferences and highlight specific parts of the facade. MALTA is an ideal choice for those looking for not only modern, but also functional lighting for outdoor spaces.


Index: ORO10007

Facade lighting


Facade lighting


LIMA is a modern light fixture perfectly suited for outdoor applications. Its gray housing and milky lampshade form a harmonious composition, bringing a subtle accent to the outdoor space.

This airtight luminaire is specially designed to withstand outdoor weather conditions, making it an ideal choice for lighting terraces, gardens or other outdoor areas.


Index: ORO10026

JAVA is a modern light fixture created from durable aluminum and glass, perfectly suited for outdoor applications. Its elegant design combines aesthetics and functionality.

The aluminum housing gives the JAVA luminaire solidity and weather resistance, making it ideal for lighting terraces, gardens or other outdoor areas. The lampshade made of glass perfectly diffuses the light.


Index: ORO10024

Facade lighting


REGA is an elegant light fixture dedicated to gardens, parks, gazebos and facades. Its minimalist design, which is kept in gray color, makes it blend in perfectly with its surroundings. Mounted on the facade of the building, it looks extremely modern, while adding a subtle touch to the space.

A single light source makes the REGA luminaire unobtrusive yet functional, acting as a practical outdoor light. The luminaire is sold without a light source, which gives you the opportunity to personalize the lighting by choosing the appropriate bulbs.


Index: ORO10057

Solar lamps


ALBA façade luminaires are a family of durable solar lamps in various shapes and wattages, most with motion sensor (microwave MIC or infrared PIR).

Light color: cold white 6500K

Protection class: IP54

Housing material: ABS, PC diffuser

Durability: minimum 25,000 hours, 30,000 on/off cycles



Index: ORO10046


Index: ORO10047


Index: ORO10048


Index: ORO10049


Index: ORO10050

Modern façade lamps


The ZOE family is a modern façade luminaire for replaceable 1xE27 bulbs.

Luminaires do not include a light source.

Protection class: IP44

Dominant Material: PC


Index: ORO10036


Index: ORO10038


Index: ORO10039

Facade lighting


Facade lighting


CUBE is a modern light fixture for an interchangeable 1xE27 light source, perfectly suited for outdoor applications.

Dominant materials: aluminum housing and PC diffuser

Light source: 1x e27 LED bulb, maximum 10W

The luminaire does not include a light source.

Protection class: IP44


Index: ORO10040

SAN is a modern light fixture for 1xE27 replaceable light source, perfectly suited for outdoor applications.

Dominant materials: PC

Light source: 1x e27 LED bulb, maximum 10W

The luminaire does not include a light source.

Protection class: IP54


Index: ORO10055