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We support the Mysikrólik Foundation

Over the last 3 years, we have sold more than 13 million LED light bulbs.

If we assume that their average wattage is 10W, by achieving an average reduction in consumption of 25%, we can realistically contribute to reducing CO2 emissions by 24,000 tonnes over the next three years.

Comparing a 7.5W LED bulb to a traditional 60W incandescent bulb, the reduction in carbon footprint will be even greater – by as much as 522,000 tonnes of CO2.


ORO’s energy-saving LED bulbs, known for their quality, economy and care for the planet, are getting a new quality and packaging. The changes are in line with nature and ecological. In our new range of economical LED bulbs, the packaging has become clearer and beautifully graphically designed. We present the most important parameters, such as thread type, light colour and lighting power, in an accessible way. What’s more, thanks to the changing colours on the front of the packaging, finding the right product has become even easier and more pleasant.


The most important novelty on the packaging of ORO light bulbs are the wonderful characters – endangered bird species. This innovation is intended to emphasise the idea of economical LED lighting and LED-POL’s identification with high-quality products. However, it is not only the packaging that has undergone changes. The bulbs themselves have become even more economical and environmentally friendly, meeting the highest Ecodesign standards. By using such lighting, we can directly reduce our electricity bills by 25% compared to traditional LED bulbs.

ATOS 12W - swallow

This small migratory bird, which migrates to Africa in autumn, can cover a distance of up to 12,000 kilometres. It usually nests in dwellings and outbuildings and feeds on insects. Traditionally considered the harbinger of spring.

ORO E14 G45 TOTO 3.5W - Mousewort

A small but very hardy bird. It can even sit for several hours in the cold! The yellow “crown” on its head emphasises the name it has been given, meaning tiny king.

ORO E14 C37 TOTO 5W - mazurek sparrow

Also called the field sparrow. It winters in Poland, gathering in large flocks. It has characteristic black spots on its cheeks. It readily occupies nesting boxes and its food is largely plant-based.

ORO E14 G45 TOTO 5W - titmouse

A colourfully feathered bird that winters in Poland and is under strict species protection. Tits are curious, like to settle close to people and eat huge quantities of insects. The most numerous and best-known species of tit is the richard tit.

ATOS 8.5W - starling

A partially migratory bird of medium size, it is a master of coordinated flights that can involve hundreds of thousands of starlings. When it sings, it reproduces not only the sounds of other birds, but also sounds from the human world (e.g. car alarms, telephone rings).

ATOS 10.5W - swift

A small, migratory bird that winters in Africa. It nests in cracks in the walls of buildings, most often in cities. Its delicacies include mosquitoes. In flight, it can reach speeds of up to 200km/h! In Poland it is under strict species protection.

ATOS 7.5W - Three-toed Woodpecker

In Poland, it can be found in mountainous areas and primeval forests. It is a sedentary species, rarely making sounds, similar in size to other woodpeckers, under strict species protection.

Our mission and vision

Our choice to support the Mousekeeper Foundation is no accident. We are a conscious company, giving our customers a choice. By choosing our energy-saving light bulbs, they support ecology and endangered animal species. Our cooperation with the Mysikrólik Foundation started in 2021 and aims to help animals in greatest need.

Our specific activities this year include staff training, financial support for the foundation, cooperation with journalists for educational purposes and the introduction of eco-friendly gadgets.

Our vision for CSR activities is to create a better and sustainable world through our social commitment, concern for the environment and promotion of ethical business practices. We aim to create a positive impact on the community, environment and stakeholders, inspiring others to take similar action.

CSR mission

Our CSR mission is to act in accordance with our values, social responsibility and care for the environment.


We want to be actively involved in projects and initiatives that contribute to community development, protect the environment, improve people’s living conditions and promote integrity and ethics in business.

Our objective

Our goal is to create sustainable and positive change that contributes to a better and more sustainable world.