The displays not only distinguish the products, but also shed light on their unique features, creating attractive arrangements that focus customers’ attention and subtly highlight the store’s offerings.

Free-standing displays

Freestanding displays are an effective tool for creatively arranging space and attracting customers’ attention. Our range includes both single-sided and multi-sided displays to suit a variety of product presentation needs.

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Single-sided freestanding display unit

The single-sided display, measuring 100 cm wide x 200 cm high, allows you to flexibly display your products according to your individual needs. Products displayed on it are customized according to preferences and current requirements, ensuring an effective visual presentation.

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Single-sided display unit with personalization option

Freestanding single-sided display with personalization option, featuring hidden storage space at the top and bottom. Customizability includes a choice of the number of shelves, allowing customers to individually shape the presentation of products according to their preferences. The dimensions of the display are 78 cm wide, 40 cm deep and 230 cm high.

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Four-sided freestanding display unit

The four-sided, free-standing display is the perfect solution for efficient use of store space. Each of the four display areas allows you to place any products, making it a versatile presentation tool. Its dimensions are 200 cm high and 30 cm wide.

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Light source test display

The four-sided, free-standing light source display is the perfect solution for efficient use of store space. Inside the display has room for 4 E27 type led bulbs, making it a presentation tool for 4 different color tempetaratures. Its dimensions are 23 cm high and 50 cm wide, 13 cm deep.

Board displays

Wall board displays are sturdy structures on which you can place a variety of products. These boards are designed to be wall-mounted, making efficient use of space in the store. They are available in ready-made formats, but it is also possible to customize them.

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Blackboard wall display

Wall board displays are a versatile solution where you decide what you want to put on the board. The format of these boards is also completely dependent on your preferences and needs. They give you full freedom to creatively customize your presentation space.

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LED tape presenter

LED ribbon presenter is a tool that allows the user to compare different light colors and characteristics of different LED ribbons in detail. With this tool, you can accurately assess what lighting effects can be achieved with different LED strips depending on their parameters.

How to order?

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